Business Management Consulting Services designed to help create clear communication between you and your leadership team.

Working at the intersection of leadership, communication and culture.

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Reason 1:

Stop the misunderstanding between you and your managers and employees, what this means is you will avoid losing your best people.

Reason 2:

Work through difficult issues and as a result reduce your stress in running the business.

Reason 3:

Realistically look at your business from the outside and guide you to eliminate the bad decisions you make, so you stop losing money.

Reason 4:

Understand you and each of your team member's strengths and weaknesses as a result it will stop the gossip and costly disengagement within your company.

Reason 5:

Stop the friction between your sales people and your customer service team, as a result sales will go up and complaints will go down.

Over the past 25 years I have worked with over 450 companies to help them create an environment where people love to come to work and stay for a long time.

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Client Testimonials

 wayzata, MN

Tom executed a program that helped our team better understand each other and the simple fact that we all operate very differently. This insight has helped us appreciate each other's differences, and work more efficiently and more connected as a team. We appreciate the great energy that Tom brought to our workshops, which have had a long term positive impact on our culture!

Nick Vanderheyden

 General Manager
Black Dog Homes Co

trenton, mi

"I was impressed with the Leadership Team’s review of your coaching and training as they spoke individually. Thank you for working with us through some difficult issues.
I look forward to additional coaching and training sessions with you in the future."

Robert P. LaPalme

Downriver Community Federal Credit Union

cinnaminson, nj

"Working with Tom allows me to have a level headed, like minded consultant who can realistically look at my business from the outside and guide me to make the best decisions. This allows me to run my business in a more successful and profitable manner."

Chris Otto


"Through your guidance and coaching you showed me how to look at the facts with less emotion. This allowed me to get and stay focused, as a result I developed the confidence to do a better job making big, small and tough decisions.

Through your strategic work sessions and assessment instruments you helped my staff and I understand our strengths and weaknesses which allowed us to work together more effectively. The amount of quality time you give is way more than advertised."

Bill Cowdin

Principal Cowdin Design + Build, Plymouth MI

“We needed help with our internal communication and Tom taught us how to do that. Every time he works with our team they come away with additional confidence.

We appreciate his ability to keep the drama away from our company which helps us to become more productive and profitable.”

Dick Cardinal

President and Owner of Inch Memorials, Northville, MI

It is my pleasure to recommend Tom Borg as a mentoring business coach. We started with Tom doing one-on-one coaching for myself as the business owner and was inspired enough to have Tom coach our entire company.

He has helped our company culture become stronger and even more fun. He encourages participation from everyone and gives plenty of opportunity for all parties to do just that. He is engaging, knowledgeable, relative and professional when it comes to business coaching. We are happy to have Tom Borg as our business coach and plan on maintaining this relationship for many years to come. 

Scott Hinz

Owner/Production Manager
Total Quality Construction, Ltd.

sylvania, oh

Call 734.404.5909

My proven system will grow and strengthen your leadership team

My BusinessMax System™ has been developed in working with my clients over the past 25 years. After working with over 450 clients and discovering what worked and what didn't work, I have developed a successful system that has stood the test of time, and I guarantee it will work for you.

Find out how...

3 Reasons to Work with Me

  • Professional
    You get me. I am flexible and easy to work with.
  • Experienced
    My 25 plus years of experience working with companies like yours.
  • My Unique Guarantee
    I guarantee that you will earn back your investment, within one year or I will work with you or your team until it does happen.

Our Formula for Better Leadership, Communication, and Culture

The ideal culture is one where people enjoy coming to work every day. They feel connected, and everyone communicates with each other. Team members feel comfortable going to their leaders because they listen and understand what drives their team and where their people are struggling. Leaders take the time to get to know the individuals on their team, creating a culture where people want to work for years to come.

However, most companies don't have that kind of culture. There is an intimidation factor, and team members do not enjoy their work; they barely do enough to get a paycheck. Consequently, the bottom line suffers.

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That's why we've created a comprehensive process that enables you to understand your team, helping them feel more comfortable about working and approaching you and your leadership team with crystal clear communication.

We assist you in creating the ultimate result of increasing your bottom line, but more importantly, we help you build a place where people feel connected, belong, want to work hard, and stay for years to come.

Working at the intersection of leadership, communication and culture. Stop the disconnect and get you and your team back on track. Done through consulting, mentoring, coaching, strategic work sessions, workshops, training and various assessment instruments.

Our Three Pillar Process




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Pillar I - Leadership - Outstanding leadership produces outstanding results, and as a leader of a company develops, so does the company. I will work with you and your leadership team to develop and maintain the communication and culture within your company. As result you will create the kind positive impact for long term results that you want and need.

Pillar II - Communication Excellent communication includes a continual free-flowing two-way process that allows for a transfer and reception of knowledge, information and feelings.  Through my internal focus groups, scientifically validated assessment tools, strategic work sessions and one-on-one mentoring, I will help your company develop and maintain the highest possible levels of communication.

Pillar III - Culture – Once we get communication improved and in order, we can build an vibrant and desirable company culture.

As a trusted advisor I extend value, increase impact, create continuous learning, and help you and your team improve  results.

I will help you develop more clarity, confidence and teach you the tools that will help you make better critical decisions.

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Tools That Help Your People

Meaningful tools to solve some of your biggest people problems.

TTI-SI Assessments and Reports

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The Prioritized Leader

TriMetrix EQ 

TriMetrix HD

Job Benchmarking


Driving Forces

Competencies (DNA)

Emotional Quotient

Stress Quotient

Team Reports

Comparison Reports

Talent Insights 

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  • Management Staff
  • Executive

Tom Borg Certified in the following disciplines

Certified Master Trainer 

Some of our satisfied clients

“After finishing his work with us it is clear to me that Tom is a miracle worker! Our customers are happy, our employees are happy and I am happy!” 

Tom Wright


About Tom Borg

Tom Borg is founder and president of Tom Borg Consulting, LLC.  He is a thought leader who works at the intersection of leadership, communication and culture. Through his consulting, one-on-one mentoring, and strategic work sessions he assists business owners, presidents, managers  and their teams, connect, communicate and work together better.  As a result his clients create top performing teams. This typically leads to a 10 to 12%  increase in customer satisfaction levels. 

With his background as an area manager, sales person and instructor with Dale Carnegie Training and his own extensive experience as a trusted advisor he will extend value, increase impact, create continuous learning, and help you improve your results.

Tom will help you develop more clarity, confidence and regain control of your company. He will teach you the tools that will help you make better critical decisions.

As a result of working with Tom you will:

  • Have more confidence in yourself.
  • Have more clarity of the situation and issues you face.
  • No longer be overwhelmed by the crises and surprises that you encounter  in your role as a business owner or leader.
  • Know exactly what to say and do when dealing with the day-to day bumps in the road of running your business.
  • Receive a feeling of satisfaction knowing that you have what it takes to get the results you are looking for.
  • Be self-motivated to tackle the inevitable day to day challenges.
  • Have a confidential mentor in your corner who you can count on.

He is a licensed and certified Value Added Associate for  TTI Success Insights®.  The assessments and reports he uses to help his clients tap the full value of their leaders and team members.

For over 25 years he has been a business consultant, mentor, trainer and author with his own company Tom Borg Consulting, LLC.

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