How We Work

After a preliminary discussion, we both determine if there is a good fit for what you need and what we can deliver. From there we set up a time to meet and identify your true problem areas and then develop an action plan with various options. Together we determine the best option for your particular situation and your budget.

We Help You Solve Business Problems Now
As a business owner or department head, you know your business better than anyone. But, what happens when you have some tough decisions to make or just want some perspective on the direction you’ve chosen?  I provide fresh and clear thinking to create innovative solutions. I can give you the tools to make the right decision and avoid costly mistakes. This will lower your stress levels and improve the focus of you and your management team on running your business properly.

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We Take the Time to Learn and Understand Your Business
When you hire me, I bring over 25 years of experience in working with businesses like yours. I will take the time to learn from you as well as other key players in your business. Once we have conducted our systems review and outcome assessment we can go to work and begin making your company or department more accountable, productive and profitable.

We Conduct a Systems Review and Outcome Assessment
After I conduct our systems review and outcome assessment, I will be able to assess opportunities that exist and provide targeted and effective solutions to increase employee engagement, cut customer attrition, increase effectiveness and efficiency. With those factors in place you will grow your business, boost company profits, reduce costly errors and deliver a true return on investment.

We Provide a Fresh New Perspective
When you hire me you are getting a fresh perspective and deep insights from my experience and expertise. As a result of using my recommendations you and your team will stop doing things that are hurting your business and start doing more of the things that will improve your business.



The Top 7 Reasons to Hire Tom Borg

  1. Expertise

For over 25 years, through his consulting, coaching, training, books and articles Tom has worked with businesses and organizations and helped them to run institutions that are more profitable and successful. He works with the management, team leaders and team members to develop their performance potential and holds them accountable to get results.

His client list includes organizations such as, Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, Institute of Management Accountants,  Pulte Homes, Automotive Industry Action Group, Chrysler Corporation, Quicken Loans, National Roofing Council, Rofin-Sinar, Evans Distribution Systems, Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Eastern Michigan University,  Walbridge Aldinger, Schoolcraft Community College, and many small businesses and other organizations.

2.  Currency

Tom stays current with his up to the minute and constant research and communication with other thought leaders and information experts in the business world. What this means is he is always bringing fresh ideas and business trends that are tried and proven to you.

3. Relevance

With every assignment or project he brings directly relevant strategies, tools and examples that you and your team can relate to and use. He uses his ability to see things from a different perspective and bring fresh ideas and innovative solutions to your particular situation.

4. Easy to Work With

Tom is responsive, flexible and fun to work with. He is persistent and takes care of the details. He returns your phone calls promptly; he does what he says he is going to do. He shows up on time and stays around afterwards to interact and answer questions. He follows up and he sincerely cares about you and your team.

5. Interactive

During his on site projects, workshops, training on one on one consulting, he gets your people engaged and shows them how to get the kind of results you want and need to get.

6. Experienced

His work background includes an area manager, and straight commission sales person, a certified multi- course instructor for Dale Carnegie & Associates along with his many years of experience as a business consultant, coach, trainer and author with his own company. He was a recreation director, senior citizens coordinator and building administrator for local government. His responsibilities included hiring, training, presenting, facilitating and disciplining his staff.

7. Authenticity

Over the years, Tom has learned through his mistakes and tough lessons his work experience has brought him. He brings those insights to each and every client he works with today.


Call our office at 734-404-5909  or click here to discuss how we can help your company get on a steady track to a more successful and profitable business.

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