What We Do

Hi, I’m Tom Borg,  I am a business consultant who works at the intersection of leadership, communication and culture. I work with  CEOs and their leadership teams to help them connect, communicate and work together better without all the drama.

Through my small business consulting, mentoring and strategic work sessions I can help your company or organization improve its' culture so you can attract and retain the best team that creates a high quality customer experience. The end result: they are more successful and profitable.

I help them work together as a team,  develop a "can do" attitude, identify their problems and formulate solutions.

I have helped many of my clients just like you. Business owners who knew they were doing a number of things right, but did not have all the pieces to the puzzle of running a consistently money making enterprise.

I have access to other various business experts who are my colleagues. Depending on the assignment, I bring them into work with me and as a result you have a team of customer profitability specialists working together to make your business more profitable and successful.

So, when you are ready to commit to taking action I want to show you how easy it is to put your business on a solid and steady track to success, using the same tools and techniques I use every day with my business clients.

Please check out my consulting programs and coaching services to learn how your business can be less stressful and more profitable. First, make sure you get the FREE e-book, 6 Strategies to Turbo Charge Your Business.

Call me at  734-404-5909 for a free no strings attached twenty minute consultation or click here to contact me.