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The tips and strategies presented in this new book will help you and your team focus in on a different way of thinking, a way of thinking that when continually implemented, can prove to be your formula for small business success. Click here to purchase for a special price of only $9.99 for Kindle Ebook or only $15.95 for Paperback.

Self Paced Customer Service Skills Training  for Staff Ages 16-24 Years

Simple Strategies for Customer Service Video Training Program 

Simple Strategies Shelf Box ContentsThis video training program is specifically designed for young employees and team members aged 16 – 24 years

In today’s competitive business environment it more important than ever to have your young employees be able to deliver the kind of service your clients and customers need and want.

Preview this video here: 

In order to create long-term, secure relationships with the people they serve, your employees must have the right customer service skills. This  video training program teaches young customer service representatives how to be at their best and help create a successful and profitable company.

In this program participants will learn from examples illustrating the right way and wrong way to service older customers.

Here are the key features of this excellent video training program.

    • Comes on a DVD or an easy to use flash drive – just plug it into your lap top or desktop pc.
    • 1 hard copy of the Manager or Facilitator’s workbook.
    • 5 hard copies of the employee’s work book.
    • Option of printing unlimited copies of both the manager’s and employee’s workbooks directly from the flash drive.
    • Customizable course completion certificates.
    • Can be completed by your employee in approximately one hour.
    • Allows for training new employees as you hire them.
    • No hidden costs, subscriptions licenses or memberships.
    • A copy of the book Making Service Count by Tom Borg
    • A copy of the book The 5 Biggest Customer Service Mistakes Small Business Owners Make
    • Special Note: This program comes with a one year money back guarantee.

“Simple Strategies for Customer Service is a video program that gives our young front line employees the tools they need to deliver the highest quality of service possible. It is down to earth and real! This program is paying for itself many times over.”

– Tony Grech Co-Owner, Greko Printing and Imaging, Plymouth MI

All this for only $495 – includes FREE shipping and handling.

Making Service Count by Tom Borg

Real Customer Service does not happen by accident but rather through planning and doing. In this practical and action-oriented book, Tom Borg shows you how to think outside the box and keep your customers satisfied. As a result your company, or business will make more money, you will experience less stress, and have more fun running it. This handy learning tool has  built-in action plans  which are designed  to allow you to run a company meeting based on the content covered in each chapter.

In this book you and your staff will learn how to: make it fun and easy for your customer to do business with you, become a problem solver, do the little things that make a big difference, set a new pace for service, recover from the mistakes you make with your customers, use a suggestion box, increase the productivity of your employees, market to ethnic groups, and look at service contracts and much, much more.

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How to Keep a Positive Attitude in a Sometimes Negative World – by Tom Borg

How to Keep a Positive Attitude in a Sometimes Negative World has been written to help you get back in touch with what makes life more fun and meaningful.

By using the ideas recommended in this book you will learn how to take charge of your attitude and your life. You will feel better about yourself and actually raise the level of your immune system. By making the commitment to participate in this book, to take action on the suggestions made, you will put more zing in your swing, more oomph in your step and more sizzle in your day.

Makes a great gift for the special people in your life.

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wrong way sign false-98375__180 pixaby freeThe 13 Fatal Mistakes That Small Business Owners Make and How to Avoid Them – by Tom Borg

Learn how to maximize the potential of your small business by avoiding these mistakes and incorporating powerful concepts and strategies to grow your business. $19.95


The 5 Biggest Customer Service Mistakes Small Business Owners Make by Tom Borg

In this book you will learn five critical customer service mistakes you must avoid and how to avoid making them. $12.95



100+1 Tips and Tools Book cover-Mel Kleiman100+1 Top Tips, Tools & Techniques to Attract and Retain Top Talent by Mel Kleiman

44 pp. This book is chock full of hands-on advice and easy to implement ideas that will be invaluable to everyone responsible for attracting and recruiting top-notch talent – from frontline, hourly employees to the executive suite. Mel has skillfully distilled more than 30 years of practical experience into an easy to read and remember format. This little gem will save recruiters and hiring managers untold time, money, and frustration. Don’t waste another dime hiring the wrong employees! This book will show you how to attract and keep the best. $12.95

Hire Tough Manage Easy book cover-Mel KleimanHire Tough Manage Easy by Mel Kleiman

190 pp. “This bestselling book is full of practical hands-on advice and ideas for everyone who recruits, hires or manages hourly employees. It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to reduce employee turnover and raise the quality of new hires across the board.”  $17.95

267 hire tough questions book cover- Mel Kleiman267 Hire Tough Proven Interview Questions by Mel Kleiman

45 pp. The companion volume to Hire Tough, Manage Easy, this is a one-of-a-kind book and an invaluable tool for overworked managers and supervisors who have to interview on the fly. The questions zero in on what it takes to be successful in a frontline position. Step-by-step pointers on how to plan and structure interviews show hiring personnel how to position job applicants to tell the truth, make better hiring decisions and reduce hourly employee turnover.  $12.95

180 ways 2 magnetic culture - Mel Kleiman180 Ways to Build a Magnetic Culture by Mel Kleiman

45 pp. Practical “How To’s” for Retaining Attracting, Hiring the Best, Brightest, and Most Productive People. This book will take the mystery out of to create the kind of company culture where people love to work. A must have for every small business owner.  $12.95