Talent Insights™ Report

When you are able to engage your employees, their job satisfaction goes up and your company is able to retain motivated and productive team members.

The Talent Insights™ Report tool will identify the behaviors and driving forces that each one of your team members possess. It will help you to identify and better understand how your people behave, what drives them.  By knowing and using this information, you can engage and retain your best performers.

  • Behaviors –tells you how this individual will perform.
  • Driving Forces – 12 driving forces illuminates what drives this individual’s behavior – the why behind their actions.

This Talent Insights Report combines behaviors, driving forces, competencies and acumen index together in a validated, bias-free and fully integrated assessment that meets EEOC and OFCCP requirements. It is available in management/staff, executive and sales versions.

When used with TTI’s patented job benchmarking system, Talent Insights™ offers a more complete picture of a position, allowing you to compare talent to the unique requirements of any job.


Using this report will help you more fully engage the human capital potential of your team.                   

Tom Borg is a team performance and customer experience thought leader who works with organizations and their leadership teams to help them connect, communicate and work together better without all the drama. Tom does this through his consulting, training, coaching, assessments, and job benchmarking tools.  He is a certified and licensed TTI-SI VAA. To ask him a question please call (734) 404-5909 or email him at: tom@tomborg.com or visit his website at: www.tomborgconsulting.com.